Brown – Bio

World of Brown
With family roots that are so heavily intertwined with music, it’s no surprise that rising star Brian Brown is gaining momentum on the Tennessee rap scene. Voted Best Hip Hop artist in the Nashville Scene in 2018, this Nashville native is on the continued grind to chase his dream out-loud. 
Growing up in the church, music is second nature to Brian. His mother sang in the choir and his aunt was a self taught drummer, pianist, and cellist—but it’s Brian’s father who planted the rap seed by flowin’ in young Brian’s presence. Music even goes back generations for this guy, who’s grandfather owned a few clubs in Chattanooga, TN back in the day, which speaks to the jazzy influence of Brian’s music.
Brian’s primary musical influences came from his aunt and childhood family friends, having named Outkast, UGK, and the Hot Boys–  this is typical for a southerner.
In his high school days, the XXL Freshman/blog era motivated him to really do his research, where he found himself heavily inspired by artists like Common, Nas, Busta Rhymes, and Tribe. Brian even had to shout out the white homies for putting him onto Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, and Grizzly Bear. This deeply rooted love and appreciation for music shows inside and out of Brian’s artistry.
For Brian rapping started off like it does for many – for fun—he just enjoyed making people laugh with goofy lines, but it took on a life of its own. Over time he felt like there wasn’t a voice speaking for him and his people, Brian decided to become that voice—a voice that people vibed with more than he could’ve ever expected. Brian has played SXSW twice, A3C three times, and his mixtape 7:22 was voted mixtape of the year in the Nashville Scene—this is just a short list of accomplishments with more to come.
Moreover, rapping has become like therapy for him stating that “With each pivotal moment I done had in life, the pen and pad aint ever left me.”  
– Kito